Football season is back!

CHEERing Football Club is up and running for the 2022/23 season! This year we have a new team, the K10 CHEERing Seeds, as well as our K12 CHEERing Rockets and K14 CHEERing Dreams – and of course CHEERing Utd, our men’s team, which will compete in the top flight of the Anexartito league this season.

Today saw many goals scored in our preseason youth friendlies: Dreams drew 4-4, Rockets drew 6-6, and Seeds narrowly lost 2-1 in their first game ever. All the games were friendlies at the Eleonas Football Club in Renti.

CHEERing’s football program is supported by the Barca Foundation, and this season we will be engaging in Barca’s SportNet program, supporting holistic health for our players and their families, with cooking and nutrition, adolescent health, dental and vision screening and more.

CHEERing teams are free and open to all refugee and disadvantaged populations. We practice 12 times per week in Athens and Malakasa camp. We accept boys and girls and all our teams are mixed gender. Please emails us on if you’re interested to sign up.

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