Why do I need AMKA/PAAYPA? What is it for?

You need an AMKA/PAAYPA to get health services and to work.

What is AMKA?

AMKA is like a “social security” number. With an AMKA number you can work, and your AMKA number is your “health insurance” number. With an AMKA number you can access health care, employment protection, benefits, and other state services.

How can I get AMKA?

About a month after you get refugee status and a residency permit, your PAAYPA stops working. You must get AMKA instead, and you can get AMKA by going to the citizens service centre closest to where you live. These are known as KEP offices (ΚΕΠ). You can find the closest KEP office by accessing the portal here: http://www.kep.gov.gr/portal/page/portal/kep/kepfind

You can also get AMKA from the AMKA offices listed here: http://www.amka.gr/pdf/AMKA_Grafeia.pdf

What is PAAYPA?

A PAAYPA (ΠΑΑΥΠΑ) is a temporary social security number for asylum seekers which allows them to access services like public health care, and to work.

How can I get PAAYPA?

If you apply for asylum in Greece, the Asylum Service will eventually give you a Full Registration Card, where your PAAYPA is shown. Once you have a Full Registration Card, your PAAYPA works. If you applied for asylum before January 2020, you will get your PAAYPA number when you renew your Full Registration card. If you had AMKA and you’re still classified as an asylum seeker, this number will automatically turn into PAAYPA; which will show the next time you renew it.


Because of the restrictions associated with COVID, you can use the electronic platform: https://www.amka.gr/have-paaypa/  and check if you have PAAYPA without visiting the Asylum Service offices.

Read more here on how to navigate the website: https://www.mobileinfoteam.org/paaypa

What services can I use with PAAYPA?

You can access all:

  • Healthcare services in the field of preventive medicine for health promotion and prevention
  • Clinical examinations, screening, provision of medicine/treatment
  • Dental healthcare
  • Provision of non-hospital medical treatment for chronic diseases
  • Rehabilitation services, such as physiotherapy, logotherapy, ergotherapy, psychotherapy and special education
  • Medical transport via floating, aerial or motor vehicles of EKAV
  • Provision of medicinal products in certain cases
  • Inclusion in dialysis treatment for late-stage nephropathy patients

More info available: https://cheering.eu/2020/11/13/paaypa-guide/

Can I get vaccinated with PAAYPA?

Yes you can. You are entitled to visit any health centre, to make an appointment to get vaccinations or checkup.