CHEERing Alumni



Camilla is an undergraduate at Sciences Po Paris campus Reims, studying a bachelor’s in political sciences. She volunteered for CHEERing through her universities’ summer internship program. She speaks English, Portuguese, Norwegian, and some French. 

Camilla has long been interested in the humanitarian field and has always been passionate about helping people. As the co-president of “Interagir” which is an association at Sciences Po working with and supporting displaced people in Reims, it became clear for her that she wanted to help refugee populations further.


Medical student

Jana has a degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Manchester and is now in the third year of her medical degree at the University of Sheffield. Her interests include women’s health, child’s health, and community care modules at medical school. Alongside medical school, she tutors children in Maths and English and works as a Student Ambassador. Previously, she has also volunteered with children with special needs, at a children’s hospice, and at a charity that promotes health to young children.

“I believe strongly in prevention through education, and I am pursuing a career that is both challenging yet rewarding and makes a difference”.


Erasmus Entrepreneur

Danni was an Erasmus Entrepreneur focused on maternal and infant nutrition, humanitarian aid, and disaster response. She brought five years of experience working as special needs assistant in Dublin, Ireland and previous volunteer for FoodKIND, which has driven her passion for supplemental nutrition.

Danni is a recent graduate of Nutraceuticals for Health and Nutrition from TU Dublin, where her dissertation focused on maternal food security and Nutrition among displaced people.


Erasmus Intern

Maria came to CHEERing focused on improving life’s quality, promoting food literacy, reducing food waste, and favoring sustainable diets. She is a graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics from Lisbon School of Health Technology in Lisbon, Portugal. Her Bachelor’s thesis focused on integrative approaches to weight management and the importance of considering psychological, behavioral, environmental, and social factors and expectations in nutrition interventions.

Maria previously volunteered with Refood in 2018 supporting food insecure families accessing hot meals and in summer camps supervising children and teenagers in their activities.


Team Lead

Mariam spent many months working with CHEERing in Athens before completing a Masters of Science in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy at the University of Vienna and then moving to take up a position with the Red Cross in Scotland. Originally from Iraq, she is fluent in Arabic and English. She also speaks intermediate German. She has spent the past five years working in the field of refugee aid and support. 

Experience:  Mariam has over five years of experience working with refugees and migrants in Athens, London, and Vienna. With a focus on the empowerment of vulnerable groups, she has taken part in inclusive initiatives and projects which aim to promote the voices, needs, and desires of these groups. She has worked as a site manager in Athens at a shelter for vulnerable women and children, which also functions as a day center open to all refugees and migrants. Further to this, she operated as a case worker for ATLAS, a platform dedicated to aiding LGBT+ migrants and refugees in Athens. She has designed numerous volunteer handbooks and training attempting to minimize malpractice and exploitation, whilst attempting to promote cultural understanding. 


Boston University School of Public Health Practicum Student

Zeinab has a Bachelor of Science in health and human service from the University of Michigan. She recently graduated with master’s degrees in medical sciences and public health from Boston University. Originally from Iraq, Zeinab moved with her family to the United States as a refugee.

Zeinab’s objective is to share her personal experiences and savoir-faire to help the refugees and migrants.


Clinical Program Lead

Mariam graduated from University College London Medical School in 2019 with an MBBS in Medicine and a BSc in Medical Sciences with Global Health. She has two years of experience working as a junior doctor in South London across specialties including Paediatrics, Psychiatry, and Emergency Medicine. During medical school, Mariam also led a voluntary project coaching girls’ football. She is currently involved in research focused on migrant access to healthcare, and as a coordinator for Medact’s Race & Health Justice group, she organizes a series of reading groups. Her interests lie in child health and health disparities affecting minority populations. Mariam is intending to undertake an MPH next year.

At CHEERing, Mariam led the clinical program, oversaw our preventive health work, and trained volunteers and staff on clinical standards of care.


Health Manager & Data Protection Officer

Lena attended CHEERing’s first-ever training session, and was our first volunteer! She oversaw compliance with data management at CHEERing as well as other volunteer duties.

Lena recently graduated from the Global Health Masters program at the Kapodistrian University of Athens. She completed her undergraduate degree at the School of Public Health of West Attica University, in Public and Community Health. Lena was a participant in EDUVAC, an intensive Erasmus+ course on vaccinations at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland.

She speaks Greek, English, and German and has experience in clinical practice at Maternity and Child Healthcare Stations in Athens, Greece. As a result of her studies, Lena has experience in health promotion in the community, both in the field of vaccination and breastfeeding. She has also been working voluntarily with refugee populations in Greece since 2016.



Yildiz is a social worker and previously volunteered for CHEERing.

Yildiz has served as a social worker for the UN IOM Turkey MHPSS Team, as an intern for the Portugal Refugee Council and for the Probation Office, Turkey-Yalova, and as a volunteer for the Team for Youth Association, Romania-Baia Mare.


Erasmus Student

Martine Amelie is from Norway and is finishing her bachelor’s in intercultural understanding and wants to further her education with a master’s in human rights.

Martine has long been interested in the humanitarian field and always wanted to help people in her community.

She is volunteering for CHEERing through Erasmus and her university’s internship program and works with the football team. She is an experienced football player and loves to teach her skills and strategies to her students.


Medical Student

Louis is a third-year medical student at the University of Sheffield, with a particular interest in pediatrics and primary health.

His education and experience have increasingly highlighted health disparities globally, especially in the health access and health outcomes fields.

Previously, Louis has worked with foodKIND, another organization supporting refugees in Greece, which gave him experience in the field and solidified his desire to work with asylum seekers. Even after returning to his studies in Sheffield, Louis continued to support foodKIND as a long-distance volunteer, working in the administrative and organizational department of the charity.

Louis has also previously gained experience working within larger charity structures supporting organizations such as the British Red Cross with their family tracing service, VSO on some of their girls’ education programs, and organizing Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) while at medical school.


Medical Student

Molly is a fourth-year medical student taking a year out of her studies to volunteer with CHEERing. She studies at the University of Sheffield with a special interest in women’s health, especially in the context of refugee and migrant health. She is coordinating the various aspects of CHEERing’s preventive health program.

Molly has previously held the position of trustee for a charity working for the rights of women and children in Tanzania and has varied experience with multiple NGOs and activist groups. This experience spans a United Nations volunteering scheme writing project proposals for NGO fundraising worldwide, to work locally with young people affected by youth violence in the community. Molly is an active member of multiple student activism groups, which advocate for women’s rights and access to healthcare locally.



Lamprini was a volunteer at CHEERing. She holds a degree in history and archeology from the University of Ioannina Greece and recently completed her Master’s in Reading, Literacy, and Educational Material from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She brought over eight years of teaching philological courses and over four years of intercultural education to children and teenagers.

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