Meet the CHEERing Team!


Executive Director and Founder

As the director of CHEER in Greece, Dr. Merewood oversees and manages CHEERing’s work at all levels. Dr. Merewood also directs CHEER, the Center for Health Equity, Education, and Research, at the Boston University School of Medicine, and the Communities and Hospitals Advancing Maternity Practices (CHAMPS) project, an initiative that promotes best practices in maternity care, increases breastfeeding rates, decreases racial and ethnic disparities.

Dr. Merewood is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Boston University School of Medicine and an Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health. She consults for the World Health Organization and is a former consultant to the US Department of Health and Human Services’ Indian Health Service.


National Director and Founder

An infant nutrition and education specialist with a Masters in Public Health, Airinie directs all aspects of the CHEERIng administration as well as several programmatic aspects. She leads educational sessions and training for beneficiaries about breastfeeding, sexual health, nutrition, and infant development.

Originally from Malaysia, Airinie has her Masters’s in Public Health and has worked as a Finance & IT Manager and as a Guardian for Unaccompanied Minors in Greece. She is an active food and lifestyle blogger and an amateur photographer. She has been involved in working with refugee populations in Greece since 2015.


CHEERing Associate Director

Farzana directs the girls’ team program in our Barca Foundation-funded/OE Futbolnet project, and coordinates the Football Fit and Grow Clinics at Malakasa camp. She is also a peer counselor and Farsi translator for CHEERing.

Farzana has a mathematics diploma and studied first aid and pharmacology in Iran.


Administrator and Project Manager

Health Manager & Data Protection Officer

Marianna has a bachelor’s degree in English from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Greek is her native language and she is fluent in English and Spanish. Since University, she has worked as an English tutor in language institutions and a teacher of private lessons for children and adults. In June 2016, she moved to Dubai, UAE, where she worked as a flight attendant for Emirates Airlines for four years. During this time, Marianna traveled all over the world, meeting people from different cultural backgrounds and visiting new places. She has always been interested in helping people, especially children, and has visited and assisted in orphanages in Africa, Bangladesh, and Kolkata while being a flight attendant.

Marianna runs the administrative day-to-day operations of CHEERing and oversees volunteer recruitment and management.


Director, CHEERing Football Club

Football Program Director and Head Coach, CHEERing

Fereidon Rahimi is from Afghanistan and lived in Iran for 38 years. He directs the CHEERing Football Club and manages the CHEERing Futbolnet program and coaches, where is he also head coach.

He studied literature and has been involved with football for over 25 years as a player, referee, and coach.


Grow Clinic Peer Counsellor and Interpreter

Pierrette works with CHEERing as a breastfeeding peer counselor and a French and Lingala interpreter. Pierrette came from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to Greece as a refugee and has settled in Athens with her children and husband. Pierrette works at all of CHEERing’s clinic locations and has provided intensive support at Elna Maternity Center in Athens, where exclusive breastfeeding rates have risen as a result of her work. 

Pierrette studied Nursing for three years in the DRC and had internships at various health institutions, including the Red Cross Hospital, Kinshasa General Hospital, and Mother & Child Center of Kinshasa.


Health Team Lead

Molly is a fourth-year medical student taking a year out of her studies to volunteer with CHEERing. She studies at the University of Sheffield with a special interest in women’s health, especially in the context of refugee and migrant health. She is co-ordinating the various aspects of CHEERing’s preventive health program.

Molly has previously held the position of trustee for a charity working for the rights of women and children in Tanzania and has varied experience with multiple NGOs and activist groups. This experience spans a United Nations volunteering scheme writing project proposals for NGO fundraising worldwide, to work locally with young people affected by youth violence in the community. Molly is an active member of multiple student activism groups, which advocate for women’s rights and access to healthcare locally.


Erasmus Entrepreneur 

Maria João holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Porto, Portugal, and has more than two years of experience as a community pharmacist. As a pharmacy student, she worked with research groups from Portugal and Sweden and participated in several social inclusion projects. She started working with refugee populations in 2021, in collaboration with Open Cultural Center (OCC), developing cultural and educational activities for refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Greece.

Maria joined CHEERing under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, hoping to contribute her skills and knowledge as a pharmacist to the projects carried out by the organization.



Louis is a third-year medical student at the University of Sheffield, with a particular interest in pediatrics and primary health.

His education and experience have increasingly highlighted health disparities globally, especially in the health access and health outcomes fields.

Previously, Louis has worked with foodKIND, another organization supporting refugees in Greece, which gave him experience in the field and solidified his desire to work with asylum seekers. Even after returning to his studies in Sheffield, Louis continued to support foodKIND as a long-distance volunteer, working in the administrative and organizational department of the charity.

Louis has also previously gained experience working within larger charity structures supporting organizations such as the British Red Cross with their family tracing service, VSO on some of their girls’ education programs, and organizing Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) while at medical school.


CHEERing Afghanistan Program Leader

Samana is a university-trained midwife employed at the Herat Public Hospital. She and Somaye are leading on-the-ground efforts to establish the CHEERing Afghanistan Program in Herat. 

As CHEERing Afghanistan Program Leader, Samana will identify high-need mothers to attend our Grow Clinic in Herat. At the clinic, she and other professionals will weigh and measure babies, give vaccinations, check women postpartum, and provide breastfeeding support as well as a safe and supportive women-only environment. 


CHEERing Afghanistan Program Leader

Somaye is an Afghan-trained doctor at the Herat Public Hospital. Somaye will manage the CHEERing Afghanistan Program in collaboration with Samana and provide support in the Grow Clinic.


CHEERing Afghanistan Program Coordinator

Basira is a student at Herat University studying to become an anesthesiologist. She currently works as a midwife at the Herat Public Hospital. 

Basira will support Samana and Somaye in establishing CHEERing’s program in Afghanistan and support activities at our Grow Clinic in Herat. 


CHEERing Afghanistan Office Manager

Tareq joined the CHEERing Afghanistan team in September 2022 and currently manages the CHEERing office in Herat. He collaborates with CHEERing team members Samana, Somaye, and Basira to address health issues and provide critical maternal-child health support.

From Afghanistan, Tareq previously studied nursing. He is passionate about combatting poverty, maternal mortality, and malnutrition in his home country.



Martine Amelie is from Norway and is finishing her bachelor’s in intercultural understanding and wants to further her education with a master’s in human rights.

Martine has long been interested in the humanitarian field and always wanted to help people in her community.

She is volunteering for CHEERing through Erasmus and her university’s internship program and works with the football team. She is an experienced football player and loves to teach her skills and strategies to her students.


Executive Assistant, Interpreter, and Cultural Mediator

Originally from DRC, Papy studied pedagogy at school and further studies in commercial sciences. He worked on his father’s farm from 2008-15 and was a sales negotiator. He speaks, English, French, and Lingala, and is learning Greek.



Lamprini has a degree in History and Archeology from the University of Ioannina, Greece, and she recently completed her master’s in Reading, Literacy, and Educational Material from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

She has eight years of experience in teaching philological courses in schools and educational organizations and giving private lessons to children. In September 2018, as a volunteer of the Hellenic Red Cross, Lamprini started her involvement with intercultural education by giving non-formal lessons of the Greek language to children and teenagers. Since September 2021, she has taught the Greek language to adults in Echohub Athens.

Lamprini coaches our Beautiful Girls football team at Malakasa camp and also gives Greek lessons to refugee adults.



Yildiz is a social worker and volunteer for CHEERing.

Yildiz has served as a social worker for the UN IOM Turkey MHPSS Team, as an intern for the Portugal Refugee Council and for the Probation Office, Turkey-Yalova, and as a volunteer for the Team for Youth Association, Romania-Baia Mare.


Pharmaceutical Expert Consultant

Rana has a degree in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Al-Baath University in Homs, Syria. She recently completed her Masters’s in Disaster Management with the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, and is currently completing a master’s in Toxicology in Germany. Rana has four years of experience volunteering with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, where she worked as a Medical Logistics Officer, and in camps for IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) as a hygiene promoter and as part of a health assessment team for more than a year.

Rana worked for CHEERing onsite in Athens for 6 months in 2020/21 and now volunteers for us remotely from Germany, specializing in medication-related questions and Arabic translation.



Alina worked as a Junior Doctor volunteer for one year in Afghanistan. Currently, she works in Acupuncturists Without Border at Alma Center in Athens as a Farsi interpreter. She is fluent in Farsi-Dari and English. At CHEERing, she accompanies the team to Grow Clinics, provides medical feedback, and offers translation services.

Alina holds an MD degree from Afghanistan. After the 15th of August 2021 crisis in Afghanistan, she evacuated Afghanistan and moved to Greece with her parents.

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