Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Supporters – CHEERing is always looking for support and qualified volunteers (1 month minimum). However, we are super-busy, and we don’t do ‘disaster tourism’. If you are interested in finding out about breastfeeding/refugees/Greece please read our website, our Facebook pages, and your social media outlets. We cannot respond to general questions, we do not perform research on refugees, and we cannot arrange visits to the camps or shelters where we work. If you are wanting to help or support us, please consider making a financial donation, or volunteering your time with us. We require a 1 month minimum, full time onsite commitment, unless you are Greek/living in Greece, and able to make a longer term commitment but for fewer hours per week. Thank you for understanding how busy we are, and for respecting our population and not simply coming ‘to see’.


Mailing address: Pipinou 78, Athens 11251, Greece