Project Armonia

CHEERing teamed up with Project Armonia in November 2022 to provide nutritious food and cooking workshops to refugee children. Project Armonia is a grassroots NGO dedicated to supporting displaced people with vital nutrition, dignity, and basic human rights. Their mission is simple: “We envision a world where food brings us together in harmony.” Project Armonia supplies cooked meals to 120 CHEERing football players every week, and once each week, 20 of our players visit their kitchen to cause chaos, cook, and eat great food.


In September 2022, CHEERing began a formal collaboration with foodKIND, an NGO we’ve worked with informally for years. foodKIND provides food with compassion to refugees and vulnerable groups in crisis. As foodKIND transitions to a new model of food distribution in Athens, CHEERing has taken on the distribution of the foodKIND mothers’ packs, which provide much-needed, nutrient-rich food to pregnant women and mothers with children under one year in Malakasa, Oinofyta, and Thiva refugee camps. Since all camps are outside of Athens, the assignment came with the exciting benefit of Bessie, the famous foodKIND van!

Acupuncturists without Borders

CHEERing is collaborating with Acupuncturists without Borders-Greece. Acupuncturists without Borders-Greece is an NGO which operates The ALMA Center, where they provide free acupuncture and reflexology services for refugees and asylum seekers. Acupuncture and reflexology techniques can provide relief from migraines and headaches, abdominal pain, post-traumatic stress, insomnia, and any muscle pain. CHEERing donates free space in our Pipinou apartments where Acupuncturists without Borders see beneficiaries, and ALMA specialists perform reflexology sessions with our football teams!

Solidarity Now

CHEERing has worked with Solidarity Now since 2019, providing breastfeeding training for all their mother-baby space coordinators across Greece. We’ve worked with them at Oinfyta, Eleonas, Thermopylae, and now at Malakasa.

At Malakasa camp, Solidarity Now provides an indoor space for CHEERing to host Grow Clinics and meet with mothers and their babies. They also help by connecting us with new mothers in the camp.


GiveMed is an Athens based non-profit organization that facilitates free access to medications for community based organizations and non profits. CHEERing and GiveMed have had a longstanding partnership and we recently renewed our MOU. CHEERing also donates our extra medications to GivMed if we receive donation surpluses. GiveMed has supplied CHEERing with a number of medications including iron, folic acid, and prenatal vitamins which we use to support families at our Grow Clinics. They have also supplied us with protein bars which have been great for our growing CHEERing Football Club!

Seeds of Humanity

Seeds of Humanity Hellas is a branch of a Palestinian NGO that provides comprehensive support to vulnerable refugee families by offering solutions to their basic needs. In May 2022, Seeds of Humanity Hellas signed an MOU with CHEERing to further collaboration between the two non-profit organizations.

In the spring of ’22, Seeds of Humanity treated over 50 referrals from CHEERing, mostly children below 13 years of age, from the CHEERing Football Club and their parents for serious dental problems. The treatment included fillings, extraction, and even root canals. All services provided were free of cost by volunteer dentists.