Clinical track

Clinical Track

At CHEERing we are always looking for healthcare professionals interested in public health, especially maternal and child health to join our work. We have previously engaged doctors, dietitians, EMTs, pharmacists and medical students on our team. These volunteers worked at our Grow Clinics, provided case management, and managed medication for a maternity shelter.

What we offer:

  • A new perspective: Our work is different from the daily clinical work of healthcare professionals however provides the scope for public health-focused activities including health promotion and screening.
  • Support: We have an experienced on the ground team representing a range of professionals including our international and national directors, peer counsellors and nutritionists. We also have remote support from a pharmacist.
  • Projects: the opportunity to either continue one of the projects below or work with our directors on creating a new initiative!

Projects you can work on include:

  • Family health screening: Identify and facilitate onward referral for conditions from undiagnosed hypertension to untreated anxiety
  • Breastfeeding management and counseling
  • Football fit: Screening and optimizing health and nutrition in youth football players aged 6-18.
  • Referrals: Identify services offered and referral pathways to facilitate access to healthcare for our service users.
  • Medication management: ensure safe storage, monitoring and dispensing of medications in a maternity shelter; maintain records, stock list and medication management protocol.

Dr Mariam Jaffer is our clinical team lead and helps us to coordinate positions for health care professionals who want to volunteer with CHEERing.

Thank you for your interest in our Clinical Track – we look forward to hearing from you!