Girls’ Football


Malakasa refugee camp has a thriving boys soccer community, but no programming for girls. We launched CHEERing STARS to meet this need.

The Beautiful Girls

CHEERing coined a cutesy acronym (STARS = Soccer Teams And Refugee Solidarity) but the kids picked their own team name: The Beautiful Girls. We love it – the Beautiful Girls playing the beautiful game.

Our program includes ‘football English’ classes, which involve a good deal of Ronaldo-speak; loops in adolescent health and nutrition, and has a holistic approach for each player’s family.

Coaches are Malakasa camp residents and CHEERing team members, one of whom has national league experience and a coaching license. We’ve all become first aid certified.

We do not have is a field, and the girls are practising in a dusty car park. WE ARE LOOKING! ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED!

Support refugee girls’ football

We need help with funding. Our group has grown from 17 to 40 girls, ages 8-18. Many come to practice in sandals and flip flops. We’ve had support so far from private donors, the Awesome Foundation and ROSE (Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere). But we have an ongoing need for clothes and basic equipment so girls can play with dignity and without pain.

€5 buys a water bottle
€ 10 buys a pair of shin guards
€15 buys a ball
€25 buys a pair of training/sports shoes
€100 pays a camp resident coach for a month