FAQ: General

How can I reach CHEERing?

Our office is in Athens, but during COVID-19, it’s safest to contact us virtually. You can find our online resources at https://cheering.eu/resources/trainings/.

We are also running clinics at certain community centres and other camp-related locations. For more information email us at CHEERinGreece@cheering.eu or text our Online Telehealth Whatsapp Number.

What health services for refugees are currently available?

The NGO landscape in Greece is constantly shifting, this has especially been the case since the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can find a mapping of services available in Athens here: https://www.accmr.gr/en/services.html?start=222o   The link provided allows you to search different categories of aid, and helps you find the organisations best fit to address your needs.

I am looking for shelter – do you provide housing services?

We do not, but check out Refugee.info for more information: https://www.refugee.info/greece/accommodation-in-greece/getting-registered-for-accommodation?language=en

Do you provide food/clothes or other resources?

No, but there are plenty of places that do so. Click the link for more info to search for services and distribution centres: https://www.refugee.info/greece/services/all/

I am seeking legal advice. Do you provide such services?

We do not, but here you can find a detailed guide on legal topics: https://www.mobileinfoteam.org/

I am an unaccompanied minor. Can you help me in any way?

We do not provide social services for unaccompanied minors, but you should contact Velos Youth (https://velosyouth.org/)

How can I support you?

You can either donate to us through our bank account (https://cheering.eu/donate/), or become a volunteer (https://cheering.eu/volunteer/).

If you are interested in volunteering you should be aware that due to COVID-19 the situation has slightly changed. You should contact us so we can discuss any details.