Football season is back!

CHEERing Football Club is up and running for the 2022/23 season! This year we have a new team, the K10 CHEERing Seeds, as well as our K12 CHEERing Rockets and K14 CHEERing Dreams – and of course CHEERing Utd, our men’s team, which will compete in the top flight of the Anexartito league this season….

Come volunteer for CHEERing!

CHEERing is always looking for volunteers, interns, and students who want to spend time in the Athens area working on a range of projects: helping with our Grow Clinics, distributing supplies, coaching football, cooking, and teaching. We have an experienced onsite staff who will help you adjust and can mentor new team members with student…

Summer art

The kids are heading back to school – we take a moment to remember a summer of artwork from the talented children in Malakasa, helped by our great summer volunteer team, many of who are also headed back to school this fall. Thanks Zeinab, Camilla, Kala for your great help at the cooking, painting, and…

Keep on cooking!

Cooking at Malakasa continues to be a favourite activity! Girls and boys alike keep on cooking inside the refugee camp with our wonderful leader Farzana and our great team of volunteers. In the summer with school out of session, we’re particularly popular.

Picnic on the beach

CHEERing took the boys’ and girls’ football teams to the beach at Oropos in July for our first annual football picnic. Many thanks to our brave and vigilant coaches and volunteers who came to help out!

Beading at Malakasa

Thanks to a great new volunteer, Camilla from Norway, we’ve been able to hold beading workshops in Malakasa camp as fun activities around our cooking sessions. Girls and boys alike have been making necklaces, earrings, and wristbands. Next week, thanks to another talented volunteer, Zeinab from Iraq, we will be doing anatomical art!

CHEERing at Oinofyta

Thanks to a collaboration with Solidarity Now, CHEERing has begun working at Oinofyta again. We’ve not been there since before COVID! Now we are there most weeks to help moms and babies with breastfeeding support at our Grow Clinics. This week 26 mother-baby pairs came to see us!

The trouble with teeth….

…is that if you don’t have access to dental care, they hurt, go bad, and fall out. CHEERing’s Football Fit program, funded through the Barca Foundation and OE, has already helped over 50 children, parents, and coaches access dental this spring care thanks to an MOU with Seeds of Humanity Hellas and their super volunteer…

Football Feet!

As part of our Football Fit program, CHEERing is holding 2 Football Feet sessions, where CHEERing’s football players will learn about foot care and reflexology, and how to take care of their feet so we can practice good foot health and play better football! Thanks to collaboration with the Barca Foundation, Organization Earth, and Acupuncturists…