CHEERing and foodKIND team up!

CHEERing is always eager to collaborate with fellow NGOs, and in September 2022 we began a formal collaboration with foodKIND with whom we’ve worked informally for years.

As foodKIND transition to a new model of food distribution in Athens, CHEERing has taken on distribution of the foodKIND mothers’ packs, which provide much needed, nutrient-rich food to pregnant women and mothers with children under 1 year in Malakasa, Oinofyta, and Thiva refugee camps.

Since all these camps are outside of Athens, the assignment came with the exciting benefit of Bessie, the famous foodKIND van. She’s back on the road as CHEERing Bessie, and we thank FoodKIND for their generous contribution to our fleet. Actually, she is our fleet. Here’s to new directions and non-too adventurous new adventures!

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