In emergencies, breastfeed, breastfeed, breastfeed

The coronavirus/COVID-19 epidemic is an emergency. Infant Feeding in Emergencies guidelines say, breastfeed exclusively for 6 months and continue to breastfeed after 6 months while adding solid foods. Think about it. What is the alternative? Women in camps and temporary settings do not have reliable access to formula, clean water, clean bottles, refrigeration, sterilization. We…

COVID-19 Information in Multiple Languages

Please find below the COVID-19 Information released by the Hellenic General Secretariat of Civil Protection. You will find information below in English, Greek, Farsi, Arabic and French. The source of the information can be found here: You can also find useful information (in Greek) on EODY’s website: information hotline is open 24 hours: call…

Don’t Get Sick – CHEERing remote presentations for refugees

While many of us cannot interact directly with the refugee community in this tough time, CHEERing is making online that are current and relevant. You can use them now and in future. Here is our 1st training. It’s an online version of Don’t Get Sick, which CHEERing trainer Paige Beliveau presented in several camps this…

CHEERing at Thermopylae

CHEERing visited Thermopylae yesterday to meet with women and young children who live at this camp and to host another Don’t Get Sick! training. We also took some time to visit the natural hot springs near the camp and the Leonidas statue.

CHEERing in Action!

Members of the CHEERing Team at the Eleonas Camp last week. We met with 17 mothers and their babies during this session. Thank you Lea Ruiz for the pictures!

CHEERing at Elefsina

View from the Elefsina camp today, where CHEERing saw 9 moms and babies today, February 17, 2020 including a few new arrivals and some older children wanting to be weighed and measured!

Volunteering in the New Year

I just finished my volunteer-ship for CHEERing in Greece where I spent time in several refugee camps and a women’s shelter in Athens. What a privilege it was for me to work with the wonderful staff and volunteers- all who had a lot of passion and heart. And I learned so much from the refugees…