War on Worms update: 172 cases cured and counting!

CHEERing launched War on Worms in 2022 with the ambitious goal of eliminating worms in two camps and among the refugee children on our football teams.

Since then, we’ve distributed worm medicine to 172 family members. Numbers have dropped dramatically in the camps, though as new people arrive, new cases emerge and we treat 2-6 cases per week on an ongoing basis.

Once families knew we could help, they asked us about other problems, and we’ve also distributed head lice shampoo and combs to over 40 families -almost 200 people – in recent months.

To improve basic hygiene for beneficiaries, we also distributed over 500 pairs of new underwear to men, women, and children as well as sanitary products, nail clippers, vitamins, and educational materials to affected families. Many thanks to Forrefugees for funding this initiative!

CHEERing team members sorting through worms medicine, lice shampoo, and other supplies.

We are always grateful for donations of vitamins, new underwear, and other items to help manage easily controlled problems like yeast infections, head lice, diaper rash, and skin infections. Contact us at CHEERinGreece@cheering.eu if you’d like to make a donation!

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