Football fit screenings launch for 2022/23 season

Thanks to funding from the Barca Foundation, CHEERing can screen and refer our footballers for many basic health concerns like dental care, vision problems, and anemia.

As an intro to the program, we led a craft activity making cardboard glasses at the cooking class last week!

Last year we worked only with kids in Malakasa but this year, we’re running a program in Athens as well. Our 1st week of screening we saw 20 kids from ages 5-20 and referred for eyeglasses, bad teeth, and even a classic presentation of Osgood Schlatter’s disease! We also noted some stunting among our teenagers, a common concern

All our kids got a toothbrush, toothpaste, and vitamins if they wanted them. Many thanks to our Sheffield University medical students Molly and Louis for their time and expertise, to Maria Joao for her pharmacy skills, and as ever, to our translator Farzana and Director of Coaching, Feraydon!

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