A new trophy and a lot of vitamins….this week at CHEERing FC!

Wednesday October 5th: CHEERing Utd won the summer cup at Eleonas Football Club tonight with a 4-2 victory over Piraeus FC. It was a hard-fought match with some unfortunate injuries to CHEERing but the team were patient, skilled and determined and overcame some fierce opposition to bring back trophy number 5 to the CHEERing office in central Athens!

This week we also began health screenings under our Barca Foundation funded SportNet program, screening kids in Malakasa and Athens for dental and vision problems and a host of other basic health care needs. We have 20 kids scheduled for dental appointments at Seeds of Humanity next week, and 2 kids scheduled with Global Brigades for new glasses. All sporty kids love vitamins, so we handed out a bunch.

Last weekend saw the 1st round of games for CHEERing Utd in the top tier of the Anexartito League, with the men’s team scoring a 4-1 victory over Dynamo Smyrnis.

Malakasa train delays interfered with our kids games last weekend, but this weeking the CHEERing Seeds (U10), Rockets (U12) and Dreams (U14) have games scheduled at the Eleonas Football club at 14:00 and 15:00 on Saturday. Come on down and give us some support! (Or just send us your money – we need big size football shoes, and shinguards!)

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