Luncheering boxes

When kids at the Malakasa refugee camp told the CHEERing team they were embarrassed to go to school because, unlike the Greek pupils, they didn’t have snacks in their backpacks, we stepped in.

With support from CRIBS International, and boxes and backpacks provided by Christian Refugee Relief, CHEERing shops each week for healthy snacks and drinks (and sometimes, just fun ones) and now, every day, the kids get a cheerful treat in their lunchboxes.

We get weekly feedback from the children, and bananas, sesame sticks, and toasts are the current favourites. The program is managed by our CHEERing team members Farzana, who helps every day with school bus boarding at Malakasa, and by Maria, our Erasmus nutrition intern from Portugal. Lots of shopping and carrying to the camp involved, and lots of anticipation around what the snack of the day will be!

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