FAQ: COVID19 in Greece

Where can I find up-to-date information on restrictions?

The most up-to-date information on Greek government restrictions (in Greek) is here: https://covid19.gov.gr/category/proliptika-metra-gia-tin-pandimia/

For information in English, please visit here: https://news.gtp.gr/monitoring-covid-19-impact-travel-industry/covid-19-government-measures/

What should I do if I have symptoms?

Follow the guidelines by the General Secretariat of Civil Protection listed here in multiple languages: https://www.civilprotection.gr/el/koronoios-covid-19-hrisimes-odigies

Or check out this site by EODY (the National Public Health Organization) (in Greek) for more information: https://eody.gov.gr/neos-koronaios-covid-19/

Where can I get tested?

You can access private testing centres (charge is 60-75E per PCR test, and about 10E for Rapid Tests).  An example of a private clinic testing centre in the centre of Athens is: Bioiatriki: https://bioiatriki.gr/koronoios

EODY offers random Rapid Tests around Athens (and around the country) but they are subject to change and availability. You can access locations here (in Greek): https://eody.gov.gr/komy-testing-eody/

Vaccinated people are able to get the test results from https://www.gov.gr/ipiresies/ugeia-kai-pronoia/koronoios-covid-19/bebaiose-arnetikou-diagnostikou-elegkhou-koronoiou-covid-19

You can buy self-administered rapid tests from any Greek pharmacy, costs are around 3E. Pharmacies also administer rapid tests with a cost of 10E.

Can I be vaccinated against COVID?

Yes. For free vaccination help see below. You can get vaccinated even if you have no AMKA or PAAYPA, all the steps are described below.

If you have an AMKA or PAAYPA you can book an appointment at a pharmacy, KEP, or by visiting https://emvolio.gov.gr/

If you do not have an AMKA or PAAYPA you can visit a KEP with any form of identification and book an appointment.

You can find a KEP office from this portal: http://www.kep.gov.gr/portal/page/portal/kep/kepfind

Should I get a COVID  vaccination if I am breastfeeding? 

Yes. Pregnant and breastfeeding women SHOULD get vaccinated. Please read more about COVID19 vaccinations and breastfeeding: https://cheering.eu/2021/02/19/faq-covid-19-vaccines-and-breastfeeding/

Where can I get more COVID and vaccination-related information in my language (Farsi, Arabic, etc.)

Please go to ACCMR’s information page on COVID-19 and download the relevant information in the language of your choice (currently available in French, Sorani, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi and Somali).

Link here: https://www.accmr.gr/en/news/1030-covid-19-vaccination-frequently-asked-questions-faq.html?art=1

I need help to make an appointment to get vaccinated. Where can I go?

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is helping refugees and others to get a free COVID-19 vaccination. They can book appointments for you, go with you to the appointment and fill out all the papers. The place where they help you is at 58-60 Aristotelous Street, 10433 (Victoria Square).

To make an appointment in your language, text or call the following numbers. If you speak English, you can call any of the numbers:

–           Farsi / Dari : 6956609762 / 6956609760

–           Arabic : 6956609760

–           French : 6951936455 / 6956609762

To know more, click here to download the informational handout:

I have my vaccination appointment – what should I do now?

On the day of your appointmet, make sure that you arrive at the testing centre early (at least 15 minutes before your alloted timeslot) and:

  • have your ID, Passport or other identification document with you
  • have your AMKA, AFM or ID numbers on hand so it can be checked in the system easily
  • and have the appointment QR code document, printed, or via SMS

To read in more detail, about what to do on the day of your vaccination appointment: https://emvolio.gov.gr/en/day-your-appointment

I have been vaccinated, what should I do now?

Follow the instructions given to you by the doctor at the testing centre, and you can also read more about symptoms, side effects and what you can do after having received your vaccination shot : https://emvolio.gov.gr/sites/default/files/after-vax_useful_information.pdf

I have been fully vaccinated – where do I go to get my Vaccination Certificate?

If you have been vaccinated here in Greece, you can access your EU digital vaccination certificate from this page (in Greek) : https://www.gov.gr/ipiresies/ugeia-kai-pronoia/koronoios-covid-19/greencertificate

You will need:

  • your personal Taxisnet code and password
  • your AMKA
  • your passport number

If you do not have your Taxisnet code, you can also request a copy of your vaccination certificate from any KEP office.

You can find a KEP office from this portal: http://www.kep.gov.gr/portal/page/portal/kep/kepfind