YouBeHero: Fund CHEERing but pay nothing!

Online services like, alpha-beta, and e-fresh donate to chosen charities through YouBeHero when you buy their stuff. CHEERing is on YouBeHero, so any time you buy from a participating group, you can ask for a donation to go to CHEERing, and it won’t cost you a penny. Here’s how:


Step 1:

Visit our Page on YouBeHero at:

Click on the green buttonChoose Organization

Step 2:

Sign up takes only few minutes! Register/Sign-Up using your email, Google or Facebook account.

Step 3:

Install the Heroic Reminder (optional but highly recommended)

Heroic Reminder is a plug in for Chrome and Firefox that will inform you if you are visiting a collaborating e-shop. It is an easy way to remember to donate to CHEERing while shopping.

Step 4:

Choose a category, and opt for an online store. Here, as an example, we have chosen ASOS.

Continue on towards the store, and shop as usual!


–>If you have an Ad Blocker installed on your Browser your donation might not get recordered. In order to fix this problem you have to exclude YouBeHero from your Ad Blocker websites.

In order to do this copy the following and paste on the “custom filters” tab on your Ad Blocker’s settings.




–>If you are using uBlock, go to settings, then to the “My Filters” tab, paste the above, and save by clicking “Apply Changes”

–>If you are using AdBlockPlus, go to settings, then to the “Advanced” tab, and paste the above on “My Filter List”. Save by clicking “Save”.

Happy Shopping!

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