Lockdown Guide

What to do when you need to leave the house


CHEERing has made a simple video which you can watch for a simple explanation of the SMS system. Please be aware that this 5 digit number (13033) SMS is free (you will not be charged) and can only be used from a mobile phone number with SIM cards serviced by Greek service providers (COSMOTE, WIND GR, Vodafone). For those with mobile phone numbers from abroad, you can fill up the form attached below.

You are also allowed to have a handwritten note with a short description of your activities with the following details:

  1. Full Name
  2. Address of Residence
  3. Reason for the extraordinary movement (ensuring that it falls within the 6 reasons given in the permit forms, and video)
  4. Date & Time
  5. Signature

Always remember to have your ID with you at all times!

Summary below from https://forma.gov.gr/en

For Movement Type A: For work

Your employer should provide you with a travel document. The website has step-by step details on how to access ERGANI to create the travel document for your employers.

For Movement Type B: Personal

Send an SMS to 13033 with:

X (being the number of Movement Type which will be listed below), FULL NAME, ADDRESS

  • 1 – Essential pharmacy visit, blood donations and doctor’s visit with appointments
  • 2 – Supermarkets (and similar essential goods shops like fishmongers and bakeries), if delivery is not available
  • 3 – Bank, public services (like the post office) if unable to do online transaction
  • 4 – Helping someone in need, like an old family member, or feed the stray cats of the neighbourhood
  • 5 – Funerals, and essential meetings between children and parents who live in different households
  • 6 – Physical exercise (following proper social distancing guidelines) and also to walk your pet

Example: If you want to walk your dog, send to 13033: 6 YORGOS SMITH 123 ATHENS ROAD KIFISSIA

Wait for a reply, and once you have received one, you can leave your house with your ID.

Forms and Handwritten Note information available above.

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