Don’t Get Sick – CHEERing remote presentations for refugees

While many of us cannot interact directly with the refugee community in this tough time, CHEERing is making online that are current and relevant. You can use them now and in future. Here is our 1st training.

It’s an online version of Don’t Get Sick, which CHEERing trainer Paige Beliveau presented in several camps this month. We have included some slides on COVID-19. If you are still working in the camps, or have remote access, please use this to help promote public health. Within the next few days we will send out a presentation just on coronavirus. The work is all evidence based from a team led by public health specialists.

New trainings will be posted to the Trainings tab under the Resources tab of our website at Instructions on how to use the presentations also appear on that training tab.

Please email us on if you have any questions.

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