Shukran, Stichting Salaam!

CHEERing’s football players are scoring goals with happier feet – thanks to Rahma Hulsman and her team from Stichting Salaam in the Netherlands.

Rahma and her colleagues returned to Athens in a characteristic whirl of energy last week, and promptly bought 37 pairs of new football shoes for our older players here. They even sent shoes to 3 of our former players in Germany who are trying out for a German youth team! It’s particularly hard to find men’s shoe sizes so we are very grateful for the donation.

Stichting Salaam also contributed to our field rental and brought many snacks and food bags to distribute to our players and their families. It’s visits like this that keep us all cheerful and determined on the ground in Athens. Thanks to Rahma and her team who also run the Islamic Food Bank and many other humanitarian programs back in Holland.

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