War on worms

Imagine being a parent and seeing your child has worms, with no way to get rid of them.

The medical advice is, wash underwear in hot water, clip nails short, and don’t play in the dirt. Which doesn’t work too well when you have no underwear, 1 washing machine per 300 people, no nail clippers and overcrowding.

With the ambitious goal of eliminating worms in some of the population we work with, CHEERing launched War on Worms thanks to funding from Forrefugees in October 2022.

Our goal is to treat those infected, and to distribute new underwear, washing powder, toilet paper, and nail clippers to over 1000 individuals. And to help people understand prevention, once they have the toodls.

Because worms cause stomach problems, itching, and nutrient deficiencies, we will follow preventive treatment with distribution of over the counter multivitamins to restore vital nutrients and help refugee populations with other deficiencies we see played out in medical conditions like rickets (lack of vitamin D), anemia (iron deficiency), and stunting.

Although the Forrefugees funds will go a long way towards helping with this, we are always grateful for additional donations of vitamins, new underwear, and other items to help manage easily controlled problems like yeast infections, head lice, diaper rash and skin infections. Easy, that is, when you have access to common treatments, which our beneficiaries do not.

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