Welcome Back Event at EchoHub

CHEERing was invited to participate at EchoHub’s Welcome Back event, and we had a table to showcase our activities and to network with other organizations. We handed out leaflets with information regarding our Community Grow Clinic sessions and our Telehealth service, and had avery fruitful conversations and exchanged information and ideas with lots of people.

Other organizations were there as well – our friends and colleagues like the Pandora Project, Saffron Kitchen (with brownies!) and Human Rights 360.

Some of our wonderful team members networking with people from other organizations!

You can read more about the event at EchoHub’s Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/ECHOHUBAthens/posts/pfbid02vSPoPo87XxZ4s7DivbxWAn2u78MA2xrPwRvHZfenwJUrM56tScaSBZgcY9YLHhoDl

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