Maki(ng) Sushi Memories at Malakasa

Our cooking classes are on a roll – literally! CHEERing holds weekly classes at Malakasa Camp to introduce nutritious and tasty foods to boys and girls. Last week, our BUSPH volunteer Zeinab Alsheraa taught a sushi-making class for children at the camp. 

The boys and girls at Malakasa initially expressed interest in making sushi after seeing an image of sushi rolls on a bottle of soy sauce. Some of the children had seen sushi on TV, but none had tasted or made the Japanese dish. Zeinab knew a sushi-making class would be a great opportunity to introduce the children to new food and culture. 

Together we made cooked shrimp tempura rolls, spicy mayo sauce, and pickled ginger. The children ate the sushi using chopsticks – and some even clapped and cheered as they got the hang of it! 

CHEERing is thrilled to continue making new memories and delicious food with boys and girls at Malakasa.

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