The trouble with teeth….

…is that if you don’t have access to dental care, they hurt, go bad, and fall out.

CHEERing’s Football Fit program, funded through the Barca Foundation and OE, has already helped over 50 children, parents, and coaches access dental this spring care thanks to an MOU with Seeds of Humanity Hellas and their super volunteer dentists.

We found that over 85% of the children in our football program have serious dental problems like pain, holes in their teeth, broken teeth, and more. Most have never seen a dentist since arriving in Greece, some have never seen a dentist at all.

As well as sending them off for fillings (and providing translators and liaisons to care) CHEERing has developed resources and education programs for refugee children with colourful materials and activities. We’ve also been able to give out toothbrushes and toothpaste thanks to the Christian Refugee Relief and Attiki Warehouses.

Many families travel 2 hours each way to get care at Seeds in Athens. Imagine the scope of this problem internationally. We are grateful we can fill a few small holes, literally and metaphorically.

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