Changes for CHEERing and Elna

CHEERing has provided Grow Clinics at Elna Maternity Centre since…since before it was called Elna, and we’re sad that this much needed shelter we’ve worked with for so long is closing.

It’s not all bad news though – Elna is shifting to a new model, and families will be housed in individual apartments. CHEERing will still provide care both in the homes when needed, and through urban Grow Clinics close to Elna where moms can still bring their babies.

We wanted to honour Elna with this post, especially our peer counselor Pierrette, shown here with our current medical student Molly. Pierrette’s been at Elna with us all along. We look forward to working in your new framework, and thanks always for welcoming us in, when CHEERing too was in its infancy with not many places to call home.

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