Support girls’ soccer in the camps

Welcome to CHEERing’s latest program: CHEERing STARS: Soccer Teams and Refugee Solidarity. In late July we began coaching girls’ soccer with kids from Malakasa 1, and were overwhelmed by the response. On day one, 16 girls turned up despite super hot temperatures, and ran us into the ground.

Malakasa 1 is blessed with great residents who are already running football teams and tournaments for men and boys, but there was nothing for the girls. The resident coaches immediately embraced the idea, and the kids came up with their own team name: The Beautiful Girls. CHEERing is also lucky to have a long term volunteer with footballing experience and a coaching license. It’s a perfect match between CHEERing ‘s health promotion goals, and fulfilling a huge need for girls’ involvement in sport.

We need help though. Many girls are playing in sandals and flip flops, and there is no equipment. Also the program is growing fast and we want to offer football to the younger kids. We don’t usually ask our fans for donations, but we have an immediate need to meet basic needs so the girls can play without pain. Please consider giving:

  • 5E buys a water bottle
  • 10E buys a pair of shin guards
  • 15E buys a ball
  • 20E buys a pair of sports pants/track suit bottoms
  • 25E buys a pair of training/sports shoes
  • 50E kits out a child with everything they need to play football
  • 100E allows us to pay a camp resident coaches for a month

We know the program will grow quickly as the word spreads. Watch our pages and help support The Beautiful Girls of Malakasa!

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