Elna CHEERing clinic updates

It’s been a while in the making, but CHEERing has renovated the clinic at Elna Maternity Center, where we see moms and babies every week to check in on breastfeeding, baby growth and nutrition.

We’ve added new cabinets, sorted and catalogued all the medicines, trained families and peers in first aid and over-the-counter medicine use, cleaned up, replaced the desk and chairs, and bought some new toys for the children to enjoy while they or their siblings are being weighed and measured.

Today we officially opened with goodie bags for all the kids and (OK, not so healthy, but very yummy) cookies for everyone.

Thanks to Elna for hosting CHEERing, and to our current team – our Elna based peer counselors, Leila and Pierrette, and our volunteers Joanna and Charlie, who all worked together to create the new look clinic. Thanks also to our former Erasmus student, Rana, a pharmacist who continues to work with CHEERing and provided training and oversight with the medications.

We are grateful to Projects for Peace for funding Joanna’s Project Ελευθερία, and making all the changes a reality!

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