Breastfeeding and COVID-19: CHEERing remote presentations for refugees

CHEERing is already fielding many questions from anxious refugee families. “Can I still breastfeed in this epidemic?” “Will my baby catch the virus?” “How can I protect the baby?” The WHO recommends breastfeeding in emergencies. Breastfeeding protects infants against most viruses due to immune properties and antibodies. It also means babies do not need feeding tools like bottles which may harbour the virus. And, breast milk is free, needs no refrigeration, is always available, and comes in perfect containers! Women should continue to breastfeed in this emergency, as UNICEF recommends. The WHO recommends 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding with continued breastfeeding for 2 years, with solids started at 6 months.

The attached presentation is available for free and is aimed at refugee populations living in less than ideal transient situations:

This and other relevant presentations can also be downloaded from the CHEERing website under the Resources/Training tab.

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