CHEERing vaccination checker: Updated to new standards

We at CHEERing have updated our vaccine checker tool, to help our team and the aid field at large, to assess infant vaccination status among refugees in Greece. The Greek vaccination schedule was adjusted in the summer of 2019, and our new chart reflects that update. We have also added a visual aid showing where to look in a baby’s health book to see vaccination records. CHEERing works with families to promote and support breastfeeding, and with agencies to train them in optimal infant feeding. We developed this tool after noticing that many infants are behind on their vaccinations. When we identify this, we refer the baby to administrators, for example, at the camp or shelter where the baby lives. Vaccination – like breastfeeding – is a critical, preventive public health measure, especially in emergencies. We hope this information helps other organizations who work with refugee families in Greece.

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