What we do: Grow Clinics, breastfeeding support, public health and football

CHEERing provides a broad range of preventive care services and referrals in partnership with refugee populations internationally. Our Grow Clinics support mothers and babies in camps and shelters in greater Athens, and in Afghanistan. Each week we weigh, measure, and track infant growth, as well as supporting breastfeeding. We do preventive health screening for large groups of individuals and refer to support services such as dentists and prenatal care. We also offer training on Infant Feeding in Emergencies to organizations working with refugees, and provide sessions for beneficiaries about breastfeeding, sexual health, nutrition, and infant development. In 2021 we launched a football program which is now supported in by the Barca Foundation, offering Barca’s Futbolnet training as well as league teams to about 200 girls, boys, and young men. We hire mostly refugee employees and help with integration into the workplace.

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