Breastfeeding: Human Medicine IPE

Click on the image to view full PDF!

The Breastfeeding: Human Medicine Interprofessional education (IPE) module is now available to everyone! The IPE was developed by CHEER in partnership with the Bower Foundation, Inspire Health, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. It is comprised of 3 hours of free, interactive breastfeeding education for health care professionals, peer counselors, and anyone who works with breastfeeding women. CHEER is currently working to distribute the IPE and make it a known resource across disciplines, nationally and globally!

Comprised of five comprehensive units, the IPE is an interactive learning experience full of evidence-based content and real-life scenarios, with an emphasis on the importance of racial equity in breastfeeding. The IPE can be used as a training module or a refresher course for those already familiar with breastfeeding, making it a great tool for anyone working with breastfeeding women!

You can access the IPE here!

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