Thank you Pollination Project!

Inspired by organizations like the Pollination Project, CHEERing makes an effort every day to
take actions that push our world to become a more compassionate place. Thanks to their
contributions, CHEERing has been able to expand our breastfeeding initiatives to better achieve
that goal! We have set up lactation corners in both our office as well as in the Elna Maternity
, which serve as hubs for education about the benefits, both bodily and environmentally,
of exclusive breastfeeding up until 6 months of age. Placing an emphasis on breastfeeding,
especially in a low-resource setting, not only helps mothers financially, but also encourages the
movement away from the use of formula for feeding, the production and transport of which
contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, therefore negatively affecting Earth. Through our
advocacy for exclusive breastfeeding in each of our clinics, we hope to continue to increase
communal compassion for our bodies and our planet. Thank you to the Pollination Project for your
support and dedication to our beautiful home!

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