Temporary Number of Insurance and Healthcare for Foreigners (PAAYPA/ΠΑΑΥΠΑ)

Today, the Ministry of Migration & Asylum announced that the implementation process where asylum seekers and immigrants will be issued with a Temporary Number of Insurance and Healthcare for Foreigners (PAAYPA/ΠΑΑΥΠΑ) that will be completed by mid-April.

The numbers are issued automatically together with their asylum seeker’s card by the Asylum Service, and all asylum seekers will be able to access their numbers via the AMKA website: https://www.amka.gr/AMKAGR/ after mid-April.

A negative asylum decision will deactivate the number, and a positive asylum decision the number will be changed to a full AMKA social security number.


Announcement: Greek version: https://www.facebook.com/migrationgovgr/posts/147015213508021

Announcement: English version: https://www.facebook.com/migrationgovgr.info/posts/1578234098997356

Ministry of Migration & Asylum: http://www.migration.gov.gr/

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  1. hi mister and sister i am a refugee in greece but i wanted to know that i have to have a paaypa number because i know sick
    Name: yakhouba
    Surname: maiga
    Cas number: 156559


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