CHEERing Holiday Fundraiser!

This winter holiday season, we are hoping you might take a minute to help support our CHEERing holiday fundraiser. You can find the fundraiser at this link:

Every day, we are tackling infant nutrition training and support on the front lines of the Greek refugee crisis. As we pursue our work, we see first-hand the immense need here among infants and children without medical care and nutrition, and we are invigorated to empower women and the organizations that support them, and to give them some semblance of control over their child’s health and proper development. It is with these thoughts that we ask you to please consider giving to our holiday fundraiser to support CHEERing’s impactful and essential work to mitigate what is truly an emergency situation. 

We are so appreciative of any contribution you can provide. 

Again, you can find the fundraiser at this link:  

Many, many, thanks for your support.

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